1. Fairytales


Words and Music by Alli Coffey

Glass slippers and sleeping beauties
Enchanted swords and magic wands
Prince Charming and fair maidens
Ever after in a happy end
Now turn off the light and go to sleep
My princess, good night! And have sweet dreams

I dreamed of Princess stories and fairy tales
Daring deeds and dangerous trails
At times it seemed my quest would fail
A noble dream… to no avail

Dreams were sweet in my imagination
Deep inside, I was royalty
Far away, a prince was searching, hoping to find my identity
Could it ever come true? Was it only a dream,
That a princely “you” Could find the princess in me?

Dragons roared, I’d aimed too high
They want my dream to burn and die
They say you only exist inside my mind.
Someone like you, no one could find

Many years and heartbreaks later
After giving up on chivalry
Dreams were locked and put away
Exchanged for more… “reality.”
It was all “just pretend” and my heart was there betrayed
And childish dreams must end… Maybe it’s better this way

But even so, I’ll aim too high – the limit far beyond the sky
Above all doubt my hope will fly,
I cannot deny who I am inside

Could it ever come true? Or become a reality?
Should I give up on you? No…. I think it’s better to dream
Dream… dream… Dream

© 2013
Vocals/Guitar/Piano: Alli Coffey