New Release - EP

You Belong to Me

Alli Coffey

Alli's work in hospice care motivated the making of this album. Her arrangements of these classic songs aim to capture the intimacy of a music therapy session and provide a soothing, therapeutic listening environment for any listener.

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This One's For You

Alli Coffey

Alli's Debut Album: Music inspired by real people at critical crossroads, giving voice to their pursuit of dreams, braving challenges, and living courageously.

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"I had the privilege of providing music therapy to people in dire circumstances in the hospital; some at the end of life, some without the will to live, some completely alone in the world. These incredible people requested that I commemorate them through music - and with all my heart, that is precisely what I have done. Together we compiled their stories and hopes and wrote songs of hope and healing. 

This album is dedicated to all the people who have yearned for a better life, persevering beyond the adversity they face. These songs are meant to inspire each listener to waste no time pursuing dreams, cultivating goodness, beauty, faith, and cherishing loved ones.  

In listening to the music, I hope you will be encouraged to look beyond your fear and hesitation. I hope you dare to comprehend your wildest dreams and to pursue them one step at a time. I hope you will share the beauty of your dreams with others. This world needs people who are not afraid to live life wholeheartedly. People like YOU."

- Alli Coffey